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Bianca Jagger- then it has to be right?

The alarmist meeting that a crowd of Jet-Set echologists, 600 people, are holding in Tällberg (SWE) has gathered such climatolog experts as the former arch bishop K-G Hammar, the actris Lena Endre and the once so photogenique Bianca Jagger, world famous for being an ex- wife to M. Jagger in The Rolling Stones. (How can you be world famous for being an ex- wife? I've never heard of any man that has become world famous by being ex- husband to any female star).

You still misses Bob Geldof and the bleeding heart rock star with the wierd yellow shades. They would have given the meeting a greater catastrophic pondus than climat light weighters as Jagger and Endre. K-G Hammar also weighs in like a fart in the wind in these situations.

A calculus over what this climate congress has costed in CO2 emissions- everybody is flying in from all over the world, nobody takes their bicykle or walks, would mean that it hit 8,7 on the international Richter scale over such emissions. It's atleast enough to kill six polar bears or 18 groundhogs. The chairman Bo Ekman alone are accounted for atleast one half polar bear.

Who is paying for this? I have not made any inquieries in the matter but I'm willing to bet $100 on that it is us taxpayers that are paying for it.

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