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20 000 000- soon to be 65 000 000?

A survey done by the German scientists W. Heitmeyer and J.Muller in 1997 aswell as a survey done by BBC in 1989 showed some concerning results about muslims living in Europe.

Amongst other, the surveys showed that 65% of Europes muslims thinks that sharia law was superimposing the host countrys laws. 37.5% of the muslims said that they would use violence to defend islam. 30% said that the author Salman Rushdie should be killed and another whooping 23.2% said that all those who oppose islam should be killed.

As I understand it, no surveys of this kind has been done since then. All those of you that think these figures would be more benign today; stand up and run in to the nearest wall!

islam is a political and idelogical belief system. Not a race!


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