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Oh how it hurts

I'm having a problem with a tooth. A filling has dropped out, so cold and warm beverages are to be drank with outmost care. Why don't I go to the dentist, you ask? Well; just to sit down in the dentist chair will cost me $167. Then, if something needs to be fixed- the bill could easily exceed $8300.

There are a whole charter buissness going on here with people taking the ferry over to the Baltics to get their teeths fixed for a total of maybe 1/4 of the price here in Sweden. Mostly by dentists edjucated here in Sweden with Swedish taxpayers money...
There are however some groups of people here that has free dental care. Among those are youths under 18, conscripts, convicts and (drumroll) asylum seekers.
The first two categories I can understand. The convicts does not have much money- but it feels like I have to be a criminal to get my teeths fixed somehow. But asylum seekers? Why? They "earn" more than most Swedish people (look at this post).


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