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Orwellian state

Yesterday a new legislation went in to function in Sweden. It means that property and capital goods can be impounded by the state over the suspicion yes, SUSPICION, that it has been used for illegal activities. No burden of proof is needed- if you are suspected of a crime your home car (and children) can be impounded. Here's the kicker. No where in the new legislation are there a paragraph that states that you will get you your property back, even if found not guilty. (I suppose you will- but there are no actuall paragraph stating that you will).

This actually means that if I'm suspected for reading or posting what could be deemed as for exaple a "hate crime" (which is not hard to do)- in theory my PC could be impounded.

Doodidoodoo- wellcome to the twilight zone...


Blogger said...

It is clear to me that Sweden is governed by a conspiracy of Swede-hating traitors.

Thursday, 3 July 2008 at 12:43:00 CEST


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