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The Cost Of Immigration


- France has 6,868,000 immigrants, or 11% of the population.

- Immigration reduces by two thirds the growth of the GNP.

- The cost of immigration in France is 71.76 billion euros.

- The revenue from immigration in France is 45.57 billion euros.

- The deficit from immigration shouldered by the taxpayers is 26.19 billion euros.

- When an immigrant does not return home at the expiration of his work contract, it is the State (the taxpayer) who bears the cost of welfare and social benefits.

- Non-European immigrants and their descendants receive 22% of all social benefits.

- The unit-price of requests for asylum is 15,000 euros.

- The majority of immigration expenses do not depend on the Ministry of Immigration headed by Brice Hortefeux.

- Expenses for security linked to immigration amount to 5.2 billion euros.

- The black market involves at least 500,000 immigrants and represents a loss to the State of 3.810 billion euros.

- 65 to 90% of prostitutes are foreign.

- The unemployment rate of immigrants is twice that of non-immigrants.

- Social benefits constitute 14% of the average revenue of immigrant households versus 5% for non-immigrant households.

Note that this is a French survey. Nobody knows what the costs are in Sweden as these kind of surveys are not allowed to be done here. But I don't think that the numbers would differ that much here; on the contrary, I think they are worse. Link


Blogger Flanders Fields said...

Very interesting link, Pela. Tiberge does a good job of telling what is happening in France.

All of us in all our various countries should know by now that "immigrant contribution" is a myth being used by the Marxists within all of our countries to weaken and destroy our own cultures and unity. Our transnational media and press assists those Marxists in their efforts, and they prevent the collective will of the people from within our various countries from being heard.

It is not that we lack centralizing power such as religion. It is that we are denied national and international representation for our voices in our own media and in too much of our own press. The top to downwards imposition of Marxism being done by the leaders of our countries prevent our voices from being heard and confuse the general population in order to prevent their banding together to stop that which it is obvious needs to be stopped.

Thursday, 10 July 2008 at 12:07:00 CEST


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