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Coffe shops in the Netherlands are forbidden from letting their customers smoke tobacco...

... But it is perfectly legal to smoke pure Marijuana. Sometimes the legislators really need a map to wipe their bums!

Ok- I'm not a smoker. And I really think the legislation here in Sweden against smoking tobacco in bars and resturants is a good idea. I've never before smelled so good coming home after bar- hopping.


I'm in favour of legalizing Marijuana. It is after all the least leathal recreational drug known to mankind. Marijuana and Haschis are usually cut with tobacco to lessen the effect, so letting people smoke it uncut... Well let's just say that... it will be an interresting experiment.


Blogger said...

A good idea would be for your to realize that any law favored by the Swedish political class is aimed at destroying the freedom of Swedes. A bad odor is a small price to pay for freedom, not that there are any Swedes that can spell "frihet".

Thursday, 3 July 2008 at 12:47:00 CEST


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