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This is my 1001:th blogpost since I started it all. Yeeeehaaaw! Many thanks to you all out there that actually are interrested of what I'm writing about. Escpesially Angel, Yankee Doodle and Anthony. You make my days brighter! Anthony; give me a call if you please. Or just give me your number. You know where to find me!

I thought that I would go on vacation this week, but suddenly was called in, both by the defence forces and my day job.

My day job consists of "coding" long, long, long tabelles of info. You know that bleek looking guy, thin and with two small pupills from overdosing on caffeine? Well that's me! The difference being me being 6"2 and waying in at a couple of kilogrammes under 100Kg:s. HEH! (I also have the wierdest 70: th style moustache right now- think a German gay porno star- and you're there...

Anyway; I stumbeled over this article at Gates of Vienna. It's really a thought worthy one. Please read it!

Sweden Loves Immigrants…but Denmark Has Questions


This column from national Swedish newspaper Expressen is so insane, you need to get somebody to translate it. They are debating whether mass immigration to Sweden should increase the country’s population by 1000 % or merely 300 %. It’s purely a matter of logistics. The survival of the Swedish people is a non-issue.


Tomorrow the SCB [the Central Bureau of Statistics - ed.] presents a compilation about how many we are here in Sweden. We should be a lot more.

Nothing gets the national movement going as when you say just that. That we are on the way to being few in this sparsely populated place called Sweden. That we have room for so many more people from every corner of the world.

It is a kind of sad-and-amusing irony that exactly those people who tell us that they love Sweden so much are the same people who will promote a policy that will stop the immigration. Nothing would harm Sweden more than a stop to immigration.

It seems to be as if people think that we welcome people from other countries just because we are sweet. And sure it is so, that we in the rich part of the world have a special responsibility to help people who are on the run from war, hunger and catastrophes. But even though the ‘national’ movement is completely empty on everything related to empathy and other decent proprieties, the care of Sweden should make them embrace new blood.

Indeed, immigration is, as the economist Phillip Legrain show in his book “Immigrants - Your Country Needs Them”, a benefit for everybody. Especially as the population of the rich world becomes older and older.

The numbers from The World Bank showed some years ago that if the rich countries increased their labour by 3% between 2001 and 2025, the world would earn 356 billion dollar a year. 162 would go to the immigrants themselves, 139 billions would go to the new home countries and 143 billions to those who stay in the poor part of the world.

That immigration policy, especially the integration part of it, has been disastrous cannot be blamed on the immigrants. The fact is that we not only need a much better migration-and-integration policy, we also need many more immigrants.

That the government open up the borders is a good first step.. But to seriously be able to attract labour and compete in a global economy against countries where languages known to most people are spoken and where you will find a much bigger variety of cultures and work, we have to be much more ambitious to find a strategy. We cannot back into the future.

A hand full of politicians and debaters have put forward their chin on this loaded question. Lena Klevenås from The Environment Party thought that we should be 30 millions. Anders Ferm (S) and Mauricio Rojas (FP) made their bid 50 millions. The journalist Jenny Morelli said 80 million while here colleague Torbjörn Björkman from Proletaren had the highest bid on 160 million.

Oh, holy cow! 160 million! That would mean that Swedes only would be less than 1/10: th of the population. How well have this worked before in history? Not well at all I would say. Yes, we need more immigrants. That goes without saying! But! What we need is the right kind of immigrants. Those that are well edjucated and are willing to draw their straw to their stack! And I'm sorry to say- that muslims are not that particular kind of people.

Once again, before anyone opens their bread trap. No- islam is not a race. No more than nazizm is! But there is a matter of fact, and that is that uneployment amongst muslims here in Sweden are about 40%. They are also highly over represented when it comes to violent crimes as assault, manslaughter, murders and rapes (including gang- rapes). They are also over represented in our jails (as they are all over Europe).

Wonder why?



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