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Pär Nuder

Pär Nuder the former Minister of finance of the social democratic government in Sweden; are writing his memoares. He is doing this while lifting $9000 a month (+ expences)- all on the Swedish taxpayers expences. He is virtually invisible in the parliment, but still get buckets of money while doing something no one is interrested about!

That is how it works here. First you get involved with the Swedish social democratitic Youth Leauge club; and PRESTO- You never ever have to do a honest days work ever again!



Blogger JMK said...

Seems to be a problem endemic to ALL "liberal Democratic" institutions.

These nitwits in government insist that they're "helping," despite the mountains of evidence to the contrary!

Thursday, 31 July 2008 at 20:22:00 CEST


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