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Excuse me Laszlo Carreidas

The evil genious, they said in Tintin and we did during my youth and under the whole of my time growing up and even through my whole grown up life.

When the evils genious Dr Evil in Mike Myer's comedy Austin Powers (1997) has to descide how much money he will require in ransom for not destroying the world with nuclear weapons, his advisors mingles and tell him that a million dollars won't go far in this day and age. Dr Evil squirmes of excited arouse when he hightens the bid to, what for him is, allmost an unimaginable; One... Hundred... Billion... Dollars.

This week the real world Dr Evil, Robert Mugabe, catched up with the fiction. Zimbabwes central bank then started to circulate notes with that exact value. And because the inflation in Zimbabwe (at this particular moment), officially is 2,2 million percent (some argues that it is closer to 12,5 million percent) the new money bill won't get you far. It will take you as far as buying you a loaf of bread- If you can find a store that has bread that is!

Hat tip, inspiration and transpiration- Gudmundsson


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