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Someone have to pull out their head out of their ass...

The union (LO), the left and the chief of SHR- Mats Hulth (a branch organisation for hotel and restaurants) wants to tax restaurants, not by how much they revenue, but by what their expected revenue is going to be. The taxes are also ment to be paid upfront!

The taxes are supposed to be based on amongst other things- the total floor area of the resturant, where it is located and how many chairs there are.

Even not considering the apparent ways of tax- evading in a system like this and that many restaurants would have to close down due to the upfront paid taxes, it still would be... Cuorious.

A Micheline stared restaurant that serves goosliver and Champagne out in the woods would have to pay less in taxes than a pizza joint in the city core.

Not even if all the restaurants- in good socialistic order- would be serving the exact same dishes, would it be fair.

Some people really should consider that poor donkey- Where is PETA when you need them?

Hat tip and inspiration- HAX


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