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Been away for a while...

...sorry for that. I have had no acess to internet for the past few days. I thought it was a temporary glitch in the system/provider, but I just now learned that due to a "security upgrade" from Microsoft, my firewall (Zone alarm) does not let me have acess to internet. I had to lower the security to "mid level" to get acess again. Whut! WHUT?

When I tried to call my internet provider, I got through (after ten minutes) to one of those automatic answering machines.
It started with:

Are you allready a coustomer with us?

Me: Yes!

Machine: Do you want to order any services from us?

Me NO! I allready have them!

Machine: Do you have any inqueries over bills?

Me: No, no, no (E t c, e t c ad naseum)

(15 minutes later...)

Machine: It's thunderstorm season. Please unplug your PC and TV.

Me: Whut? There are no thunderstorms going on right now. Please just put me through to a living humanbeing!

Machine: If you have any technical problems, please press the number two button on your telephone.

Me: Finally! (BEEP)

Machine: You have now reached the tech support. YoU aRE ...NumBEr 12 Out Of 12. We THanK yuU for CAllIng us. PlEaSe waiT.

(Cheezy music for two minutes)...



Me: (What the... Grrrrr!)


Machine: Have you checked your security level at your firewall. If you uses Zonealarm you should set it to mid-level.

Me: I'm having a nose bleed right now!- Click...

Well- I have never been so "internet secure" as for the past two days! Cheezus...


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