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I have a headace

I went downtown for some shopping. I got hungry and thought that any kind of food would be good, so I went to the nearest McDonald's joint.

Usually, it should not take more than thirty seconds to get your food when it is your time to order. That's it! That's why it's called "fast food".

The problem is all the idiots standing in line in front of you.

"Can I have a double order?"
"Yes sir"
"Will that cost me extra?"
"Ehhh... Yes!"
"How about a + menue?"
"What about it?"
"Will that cost me extra?"
"Hmm. Yes sir everything extra will cost you extra money"

The kid- in his twenties- continued to ask for different extra orders and the price for them for five minutes.

Now my bloodpreassure is going through the roof. Stupid bloody idiot. So I told him that "Either you make your f.....g order inside the nearest 30 seconds or I will buy you it myself and showe it down your throat with the help of a doussin straws and the floormop."

Ever seen a crab walking?

Then it was my turn. I ordered and got my food within 30 seconds. I sat down next to the kid and his friend and I must say that I have never seen anyone slam down a McD meal so fast in my life.

I feel a little bit bad ove... No, I do not!
If you act like a geriactric when you are in your twenties- then suit yourself...


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