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Time to deport all muslims from Jerusalem

Bernie over at Planck's Constant shares some very interresting thoughts.

After the Arab bulldozer psychopath went on a murderous rampage in Jerusalem, Prime Minister Ehud Olmert said, "There is no way to fence-off the Arabs of east Jerusalem and every home of a potential terrorist." [ynetnews] Actually he's wrong. What would happen if Israel did precisely that? Would Iran threaten to wipe Israel off the map? Would the Arab press start printing uncomplimentary articles about Jews? Would Hezbollah fire rockets into Israel? Would Muslims boycott Israeli products? Would Hamas send in suicide bombers? Would Palestinian TV start airing programs that teach children that Jews are apes and pigs and should be killed?

Would leftists in America call Israel an aggressor nation? Would the UN call for sanctions against Israel? Would Israel be denounced any differently than it is now? What's the downside? Since Israel is already being judged unfairly in Europe, in the UN, and the Muslim world, what would change?

Indeed- It's a win-win situation.

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