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The yearly pride- parade is going on in Stockholm. It is just not a gay manifestation but also a folk festivity.
I do not understand what there is to be so proud of. So you are gay. YAWN! I have several homosexual friends. They do not flaunt with their sexual orientation nor do I go out in public carrying a plackard saying "I'm Heterosexual! And I'm proud to be one!" Whats the point? Keep your sexuality for your self! BASTA! I don't mean that homosexuals should creep in to the closet- but a parade!?

Of course there are some people that does not like it. Some people just itch to go out and bash some gays during the festival. The press allways talks about "far right nazi gangs" that are out causing the trouble without ever pondering over the fact that those nazi egg- heads actually are socialists! Yes that's right; they are national socialists; as far out on the left side of the political scale as you can go!

Two men were brutally beaten and knife stabbed (after kissing eachother in public). They were taunted over their sexual orientation for a long time when they allready was on the ground, bleeding.

The "news papers" reported this as a "hate crime"- which it indeed was. What the papers failed to report was the nationality of the hate- mongers. Only through unconventional news sites the truth has come through.

"The assaulters are of arabian descent"
"During the assault, when stabbing one of the victims, The assaulter sreamed that- All Swedes are gays."

A hate crime indeed. A double hate crime too!

Spit! No double spit! No triple spit!

(And so far- No gays have been bashed by nazis- and have never been during the past years parades!)

Here are a video from Army of Lovers with Alexander Bard who wrote the theme song for the festival "Israelism". Just go to the three minute mark if you want to skip the intro. The group consists of two male gays- one of them a Jew and... Well two... Hmmm, interresting womans. Wierd and entertaining at the same time... Sort of. Hmm...


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