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In the middle of my vacation

It's 30 degrees C outside. The sun is shining. People are sitting outside all over and children are laughing in the background, running through water siphones. My tomato plants has to be watered down atleast twice a day, otherwise they start to droop and give me that tingle in my left arm. I'm not kidding! they drink more than David Hasselhof...

So what brings me in from the heat to sit down in front of the Mighty PC (I'm not worthy!).

Well, I went down town shopping for some groceries. For some reason I picked upp one tabloid newspaper (Expressen)- something I not normaly do- and went for a sit down in the central park (no it's named something completly else- but you get my drift). I take off my shirt (yes ladies, yes), open a can of the bewerage of my choise- vacationwise- and start to read the tabloid. I skipp the op-eds and the culture pages and get in to the "news pages". There I found an article that raised my bloodpreassure over the roof.

Apparently Henrik Alexandersson who goes under the blog pseudonyme HAX has an international arrest warrant on him because he posted a classified document about FRA (Swedish National Defence Radio Establishment), had made electronic wiretapping on Swedish and foreign nationals without criminal charges being done and not even having any suspection of the individuals doing anything criminal deeds. The only thing in common revieled was that the Swedish nationals were having correspondece with Russian ones. They were buissness partners. Totally civillian!

I see the need for "wiretapping" and analysis of other electronic ways of communication if it's a military matter and a threat to national security. In this day and age I even see the need to look in closer at domestic threats like islamists and criminal gangs but not on ordinary civillians and ceartinly not if there are no suspiction of a crime. This is by the way illegal under the Swedish constitution (Grundlag- same, same but different.)! Atleast until the goverment push through the "FRA legislation" which will in all essentials give the state means to wiretap and listen in to every electronic communication that passes the Swedish border- like this blogpost for instance, or any mails I send or recieve from my friends abroad. Heck- in this day and age I can't even be sure that my telephone conversations would not be tapped as I use IP telephony and the way internet works, the servers could be standing... Just about anywhere as I understand it.

The powers that be says that I don't have anythig to worry about as long as I... Don't have anything to worry about. But that's not the problem! If I'm a criminal or a terrorist; would I then be so stupid to use these means of excganging information? And if I did- I would ceartainly use a heavy duty crypto and use codes! So the only ones that in all essentials will be listened in on- are just the people that should not have anything to worry about!

In the mean time the whistle blower- HAX- are sitting on the airport of Brussels, going home to Sweden in a couple of hours. He has contacted the Swedish police and for some reason they say that he will not be arrested on arriwal in Stockholm but HAX has a copy of a document from the FRA were they asks for his arrest for crimes of- and this is hilarious-Breaking the laws of free speach! It makes you wonder what kind of lawyers they have there. Breaking the laws of free speach! He excersiced his rights of free speach! That he published a classified document is a whole another matter for peats sake...

Gggnaaarrrrgh! Nosebleed time again.


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