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What you gonna do when they come for you?

-No need to speak ample Swedish

-Don't have to be a Swedish citizen

-No more physical tests

-No more psychiological tests

This is what the new demands are to new police aspirants. The socialists (socialdemokraterna and vänstern- formally vänsterpartiet kommunisterna) voted it through 7-6.

I don't know about you, but I think that having the ability to swim, run and spell are imperial for a police officer, not to mention not being a nut case. Also I think that a Swedish police officer atleast should be SWEDISH!

On a side note:

If we would keep the "aid" we are giving away to Russia (who has the second largest cash reserve in the world) and instead gave it to the poorest 50 000 pensioneres, they would get an aditional 6000 Kr ($1000) to live on every month. If we scrapped the "aid" all together they would get between 10 and 15 thousand more per month. This is money that we give away to China, Kosovo, Russia, North Korea and other gangster states. Hell! Give me a couple of hundred millions and I will go myself and spend it on people who really need it! I would start with the poor pensioneres here in Sweden, and if it is anything left, I would buy medicin for kids with AIDS in Africa and deliver it myself!

Besides the UN- SIDA is the worst and most crooked organisation on this planet!


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