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The FRA- legislation that will let "intelligense" organisations collect and analyze all electronic data that passes over the border are said to be done because of "A need to collect information that could be imperial for the nations security".

But at the same time, they have dismanteled the Swedish armed forces allmost completly! What should we do if a "threat to the nations scurity" occurs? Duck?

Finland- who has half the defence budget that Sweden has- have four times as many soldiers. They have- if I remember it correctly- 400 artillery pieces, we have 28!

The only mine outlaying vessel (which might come in handy if an external threat was discovered)- the HMS Carlskrona are now being made in to a signal surveilance ship. HUH? What shall we do if a threat to us is closing in? Throw fermented herring at them? (Ok I'll admit that it could be effective, but I'm not sure if it's not banned under the Geneva convention of biological warfare.)

We have one of the best fighter jet airplains in the world. We have the best tanks in the world. We have the best anti- tank weapons in the world. We have the best artillery shells in the world etc, etc.

But we don't have any soldiers to use them! And it is still costing the taxpayers 40 billion every year...


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