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Bassam Azzam

Bazzam Azzam- a native Lebanese that earlier have been covicted to ten years in jail and lifetime deportaition back to Lebanon for a murder in Klippan (SWE). He got out on parole after serving 6 years and seven months! For a murder!

He is also suspected for a twin homicide together with his father on a German car dealer and his wife.

So why did he not get deported? Well here it works like this; Azz-am would risc a death sentence in his home country (don't ask me why), and as a principle Sweden does not deport people who could be sentenced to death. So he can freely roam around in Sweden like... Forewer, should not something fantastic happen to the sewer that Lebanon is.

So what did this model citizen do when he got out on parole? Just kick back? Downed a few? Watch a soccer game?

NO! He started his "new life" by beating the shit out of his own daughter with a baseball bat. She was severily injured and had to spend time in hospitals.

Well atleast he is back in the slammer- on the taxpayers expence of course.



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