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This is a piece taken from Gates of Vienna.

Throwing Money at the Palestinians

by Baron Bodissey

Without the financial support of the West, particularly the European Union, the Palestinian Authority would be unable to function. Continual infusions of European and American cash are required if the charade of a viable “government” is to be maintained in Gaza and the West Bank.

Sweden, already well-known as a benefactor of Hamas and Fatah, has recently decided to send the Palestinians yet more money. According to an official announcement released late last month, the Swedish government has issued another 50 million kronor to the PA in emergency aid.

Here’s a translation from the Regeringskansliet website, kindly translated into English by our Swedish correspondent HL:


Today the government has decided to put aside 50 million kronor [approx. US $8.18 million] in direct aid to the Palestinian authorities.

  • The Palestinian authorities are in a dire economic situation and it is running the risk of collapsing if salaries among other things cannot be paid. A functioning Palestinian authority is a prerequisite for a peaceful and stable solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. To us it has therefore been important to be able to give Prime Minister [Dr. Salam] Fayyad a fast and positive answer, says foreign aid minister Gunilla Carlsson.

Sweden is one of the biggest donors to the Palestinians
- - - - - - - - -
During 2008 the total Swedish support is expected to amount to around 700 million kronor [approx. US $114 million]. A smaller part of the Swedish aid has also been transferred as a direct grant previously during this year. During the spring, the need for extensive support to the Palestinian authorities became all the more obvious, and Prime Minister Fayyad’s appeal for increasing the direct aid has been acknowledged by the highest international association for donation-coordination, the Ad Hoc Liaison Committee (AHLC)

Peter Larsson
Media coordinator with Gunilla Carlsson

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The depraved pathology of “Palestine” can only be maintained by the misplaced generosity of the West. Proportionally speaking, Sweden and Norway are among the greatest enablers of the Palestinian behavioral sink, but the contributions given by the United States are just as appalling.
As I have said before; Stop giving away money! And that goes not only for terrorist regimes as ham-ass and fa-tah, but also for other asshole countries like north ko-rea and abowe all frikking saudi arabia!


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