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Reggae Festival- Ganja Madness

The annual reggae festival in Uppsala (SWE) was held the last weekend. The police arrested 220 people for criminal conduct. What did they do? Well they were arrested for smoking pot. And that's illegal because... Well it's illegal... Sort of!

It's the same procedure as last year.

But when asked, the police said that not a single one crime had been reported including arsony, fighting, knifing, rapes, pickpocketing or anything else! This is crimes that are usually found being committed at music festivals. And I know- I have worked at a bunch of them. And what legal drug are being selled there?

Not to mention that the state pulls in heavy tax money from the liqoure and beer selling...

Thanks to HAX

As I have said before. I'm not a user myself but during the past... Oh, 1200 years or so, no deaths has been reported or concluded directly with Cannabis usage! All major textbooks in pharmacology will tell you this!


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