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The greeen heads are at it again

Despite little promise of ever being practical and inexpensive, “renewable energy” has been promoted for decades by green activists [USA]–and backed by billions of dollars in government subsidies. As a result, plans are springing up all over the country for large-scale solar, wind, and geothermal projects.

But now, in addition to their enormous technical obstacles, these green power projects are facing fierce opposition . . . from environmentalists.

Applications for more than 130 proposals to build solar power plants on federal lands in the Southwest have been submitted to the Bureau of Land Management. New transmission lines to carry the power from the sun-baked deserts to places where electricity users actually live are also under consideration.

However, the solar applications are mired in environmental impact studies, which one solar industry executive said “could completely stunt the growth of the industry.” And the plans for new transmission capacity are being ferociously protested by environmentalists decrying the “permanent destruction of hundreds of thousands of acres of pristine public lands.” An exasperated Arnold Schwarzenegger said: “They say that we want renewable energy but we don’t want you to put it anywhere, we don’t want you to use it.”


The best an environmentalist could do for the environment would be to... Eat a bullet! Then they would not make any "environmental footprint"! I mean, they are opposing the very "renewable and green" energy soursces they are asking us others to use! I'm not going in to a lenghty discussion right now over the green scam that solar power and wind turbines in fact are. Read other posts I've made earlier about windmills and solar panels (use the search engine). Please proove me wrong- but I still firmly believe that not a single thing, NOT A SINGLE THING that the environmentalists has driven through in this or any other country actually has made any difference, and if not made the situation even worse- Proove me wrong!

As Mr Schwarsenegger so dillantly points it out: "If we cannot put solar power plants in the Mojave Desert, I don’t know where the hell we can put it.” But that is the whole point. On green philosophy, there is literally no place on earth for mankind."


Environmental friendlieness has allways come out of prosperity. That's why the most polluting countries in the world (weighed) also are the poorest. And tell me of an environmentalist that is not also a protectionist! Meaning they are the ones that drives other people and countries in to poverty, and at the same time contributes to more world pollution...


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