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7000 people- every year

7000 people who are to be deported from Sweden "dissapears"- every year! Most of them are from Afghanistan, Somalia and Iraq.

Wonder where they go?

And of course, their return tickets would be paid by... Drumroll...The taxpayers!

The hilarious thing is that even when they are "dissapeared", they get "socialbidrag" (social security grants).

If you set your foot on Swedish grounds and say "Asylum" you emedietly get social security grants and housing. Atleast until you are thrown out of the country. Social workers are not allowed to tell who or where these people are, and as long as thy don't get caught they can lift social security money. Talk about a gravy train! And again; who is paying? -The taxpayers. Even if you are caught, the only thing you have to say is that you risc the death penalty in your old home country, and you will not be deported. And who is paying for it all? The taxpayers!

I have nothing against more people coming here. I like diversity! But the thing is that we let in the wrong people. And for the wrong reasons...


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