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People are driving like idiots- apparently as killers

Today at around 1.30 PM I was taking my bike to the kindergarten to pick up my son. When I closed in on a roundabout on my way there I heard a crash. When I'm at the site I see a nearly completely demolished car, it was about half it's original width where the driver seat was located.

In the car was a young man of foreign descent- probably ME. He had a cut at his forehead, was uncontious, had a strong and steady pulse but rapid and shallow respiration- all signs of cerebral injuries. (I know- I was the one cheking it out).

The funny thing is that the (likewise foriegner) in the Volvo 740 that had hit the kid almost had no damage at all. The only visible damage exept for a fender bender was that the airbags was deployed, the driver had only minor bruises on his fore arms.

NOW! As much as I feel for the kid; How the hell can an accident like this happen in a roundabout 15 meters in diameter? In a roundabout!

The scary thing is that had I been just thirty seconds earlier; I could very well had been in the way of either of the cars that ended up on the sideway.

Hope the kid is allright!

By the way- It was the kids fault... (WRONG!)

And also, the photograph is copyrighted- I just don't care...

Update: I did not see the actuall crash (I was in a tunnel), but afterwards I thought it was qurious that I didn't hear any squeling tyres before the crash. I passed the same spot today and there were no skidmarks at all. How could a car get these damages? I remember at the accident site when asking around, a girl (presumably the kids girlfriend- atleast the girl kept saying his name over and over again), said that there were two people hurt. The boy in the car- and her father in the White Volvo. I didn't really reflect over it until when I read an update on the accident in the morning paper. Apparently the kids car was standing still at the time of the crash. The 52- year old father are now beining held on suspicion of murder attempt after witness testimonies "and other data".

Hmmmm. Very interresting. Could I have been a witness to an attempted honour killing?

Oh- the kid is stable but under hospital care.

Update NO:2
The 52 year old ME father is still hold under suspiction of attempted murder, for a number of reasons. The kid is still in a hospital with "life threatening injuries". I still almost can smell his blood on my hands- after giving him first aid). Roumors- and this is rumors- says that the kid was hit when chatting with the girl (ME) out of the window of his car.


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