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The immigration bomb

In Sweden you will never se any numbers of the cost or the implications of immigration- that's state secrets. Some people estimates that it is 100 billion, others that it is 150 billion (out of a state budget of roughly 1300 billion- no one knows.

Other states do calculate these kind of things. Take Germany for example.

Immigrants in Germany: 15,3 million.
Ammount of immigrant families: 27%
Immigrants with children up to two years of age: 34%
Immigrants without professional edjucation: 44%
Immigrants between the ages of 22-24 without proffessional edjucation: 54%
Turkish immigrants without proffessional edjucation: 72%
Unemployed immigrants: 29%
Immigrants with a low income: 43,9%
Immigrants in poverty: 28,2%
Children to immigrants in poverty: 36,2%
Turkish immigrant children who has experienced violence and other serious crimes in their families: 44,5%
Berlin immigrant children without ample knowledge in the German language: 54,4%
The amount of immigrant children at the Eberhard-Klein school in Kreuzberg: 100%
The ammount of young immigrants with more than ten recorded offences in Berlin: 79%

These numbers are scary and I have every reason to belive that it is the same here in Sweden- if not worse!
Source; The left leaning- nanny knows best newspaper Stern (German)

And as allways. I like immigrants. Come here, the more the merrier. BUT! only if you can support yourself...


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