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When I was a boy part(xxx)

When I was drafted, I had to drive 250Km down south to Boden to the drafting office to make some physical and psycholoigcal test. There were intelligence tests, stamina tests and physical tests. The physical test considered was of three different tests. One was of your grip strength, one of your knee curling strenght and the last of your biceps curling strenght.

The reason I'm writing this is that I just found my old test results in a old box. I will not bother you with all wat's in there, but one thing just stood out. My grip tourqe was 850 Nm. That is more than most sports cars have! Today! And I was weighing 71 Kg!

I remember the physician I met with after the tests, and she said to me, "Did YOU really do this?"

I was like- how could I have done it better?

And then, off I went to Ranger school.
And yeah, I got a triple nine in all moments (highest score). HEH!


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