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Just a notice

9 shootings has been made in north east Gothenburg during the last 12 days. It's safer to live in Baghdad! And I bet you a thousand that there are no presbytarians involved...

The gangster state Kosovo is costing us 69 million Kr ($ 11,5 million)- every year! And our pensioners in nursing homes has to eat youghurt and a crisp bread for dinner!

SIDA has to spend a 100 million ($16.7 million) every day on "projects". And the nursing homes have not got enough personel to take out the oldies even for an hour a day!

Tht's 6083 million Dollars every year that we give away to those nice states like Kosovo, Russia, China, Saudi Arabia- amongst others. And the pensioners in the nursing homes have fly larvae in their open wounds because the personel doesn't have time to turn the over once in a while.


Oh! This is cool. The other day when I was driving home from my sisters, I noticed a field with very carctheristic plants. I had to stop and check it out- and yes they were defenetily Hemp plants. A whole field! It was as I learned "industrial hemp" meaning that the plants was non-toxic. Bummer!

You can use hemp for so many things. Clothes, ropes, dart boards (they call it "Sisal") and a variety of other things. Only it has been forbidden until last year to grow even the non- toxic variant here in Sweden.

But here is the thing. How will they ever be able to discern the non toxic variant from a couple of high toxic variant plants somewhere in the field?

As you all know it by now- I'm in high favour of leagalizing Hemp, Mariuhana and Haschis as a recreational drug. It is after all the least deadly recreational drug known to man. Maybe I will go in to growing more than just tomatos?

Have to get my hands on some seeds first. But I have heard that they are relatively easy to come by over the internet. Only problem is that if I get cought, I will have to serve a jailsentence longer than most murderers! That's our juridical system...


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