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Food again?

On Friday, an eghiteen year old man was centenced to 18 months in jail for chopping the thumb of a woman, cutting of the nail and afterwards eating it up. This happened in Copenhagen- Denmark. It all happened in 2006 when a woman was being held captured, severily beaten and raped in Sydhamnen in Copenhagen. Two men, then 16 and 18 years old was arrested for the deed.

"When the finger was chopped off, the older of the boys- who were the girls "boyfriend" stopped the bleeding with a gigarette lighter. Afterwards he sucked on the chopped off finger and forced his buddy to eat it up.

OH THOSE DANES! They never seems to know when enough is enough...

But wait a second! If you dig in to it- you learn that these people were not of viking blood at all. If you check out Danish newspapers (and you would never read the truth in a Swedish one), we learn that the "youngsters" are Lebanese-Danish. Oh, what a surprise!

Sigh, sigh and tripple sigh!


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