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Most wanted criminals in Sweden

Lars-Inge Svartenbrandt is considered to be "the most dangerous criminal in Sweden". He- the other day was arrested hanging upside down from a roof beam in an outhouse where he had been sleeping for a few days. The police had to help him down- wonder why he did that?

Presumably he has sat in jail for 49 years; he has never done an anything remoltly reasonable crime. Never got any serious money. A couple of years ago he robbed a Systembolaget (state controlled liqure store) ten minutes after it had opened. They had like 600 Kr (aprox $100) in the cash register or something.

He is absolutely not "Swedens most dangeorus criminal" but he is Swedens most dumbest criminal! I'm embarrest to be a Swede. Is this all we can munster? Him and Clarc Olofsson? Two totally imbecille sociopaths. Culture mark them and give them pension; give them each other a plastic toy gun and let them roam around. No 0ne of them are hardly up for robbing even an 83-year old in a wheelchair who had a stroke.

Thanks to Östra Ölands Fria Horisont


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