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Protests against visit of Iranian foreign minister

Between 100 and 200 Iranian dissidents protested in Stockholm on Monday against a visit to Sweden by Iranian Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki.Protesters threw eggs at the door of the Swedish Institute of International Affairs where Mottaki was due to deliver a speech, and shouted slogans denouncing the Iranian regime.
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The group also called for the release of political prisoners.

A large police force was on hand to prevent the demonstrators from entering the building.In his address, Mottaki stressed that Iran's nuclear programme was "peaceful" and posed "no threat to international peace and security."

Yeah, rihght!


On Monday, several newspapers published a joint article penned by representatives of Swedish publishing and writers' organizations in which Carl Bildt and Maud Olofsson are urged to issue a strong protest against the Iranian regime's mistreatment of women pushing for equal rights in the country. Two weeks ago, two leading figures in the Iranian women's movement were each sentenced to three years in prison for "conspiracy with the intention of damaging national security". The two women, Parvin Ardalan and Nooshin Ahmadi Khorosani, were among the instigators of a campaign for equal rights which managed to gather one million supportive signatures.

So here is the thing. Swedish leftists are fighting for the souverignity of the republic of iran- While Iranian citizens and refugees living in Sweden are fighting for the Iranians, and wants to topple the regim. Man, world politics gets ever more bizarre as we speak...

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