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I feel so much better now

BY: James Biga

Oh thank heaven. I thought that Syria was blatantly gearing up its army for an attack across the border into Israel. I really thought that there was a master plan at work to attack Israel from three fronts, Syria being one of them. Now that the United Nations has come out and declared that Syria was not gearing up its military I can relax.
Never mind the fact that the UNIFIL troops couldn't prevent money, manpower, and arms from reaching Hizbollah in Lebanon. Never mind that the United Nations couldn't agree about Saddam's arsenal. Never mind that the United Nations can't see who the bad guys are in the Sudan. Never mind the fact that Rwanda and Bosnia all happened under the nose of the United Nations. Never mind the fact that North Korea has developed, and Iran is in the process of developing nuclear capabilities. Never mind that the United Nations is full of corrupt "diplomats" from the very nations that are instigating an all out war.
I feel so much better knowing that this gaggle of self serving, self aggrandizing, know nothing, do nothing, pathetic excuses for human beings have declared that Syria is NOT preparing for war with Israel. I can go back to worrying about a chimpanzee being considered a human being.
If Syria isn't prepping for war then why won't Bashir Assad make a blatant outright attempt at peace with Israel. Quit hiding being vacuous words and take action. Tell Momo in Iran to take a hike and sit at the table with the wishy-washy Ehud Olmert. Start rounding up and killing the terrorists instead of funding and arming them.
What do I know. I only know what is printed or talked about. Maybe Bashir is a swell guy who's just misunderstood and just needs a big hug to feel appreciated. Then again maybe he is a conniving evil despot that needs to be shot. Whatever he is or whatever he intends to do, I can guarantee that the United Nations will be the last to know about it. This inept organization will still be arguing about it even after whatever it is happens. Pathetic losers they are.

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