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Why does it always rain on funerals?

Watching movies, it´s allmost certain that when there is a funeral, the mourners are standing black-clad- holding a black umbrella over their heads as the cermony is taking place.

When my mother was buried, it was a rainy day. When my grandmother were buried, it poured down. And recently when one of my best friends died the skies were crying.

The difference between my losses and many of those in the middle east (for instance), is that all of those deaths were quite natural. We mourne the losses, but we do not welter our selfes in the tradegy; and most importantly- we do not se our losses as martyres.

When was the last time you heard of a Christian,a Jew, a Hindu or really any other religious or ideologic group of people (besides islamists), running in to a cafe, blowing up theselves together with a bunch of other people. Who is it that fires quassam rockets blindly in to another country. Who is it that hates all other children more than they love their own?

Let me tell you this. It´s not Budhists!

And then ofcourse you got the idiots like Karen Armstrong


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