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Swedish Music

The Swedish music industry has become a multi million dollar enterprise over the last 20 years or so. Swedish music producers and song- writers has reaped sucess after sucess with national, aswell as international stars over the years.

Somehow, I still long for the "virgin years" of the the Swedish music sceen. And so. I´m presenting you with two videos of Swedish pre- dominance music. Perfected before the mainstream "prefab" music we are all bout drenched in today.

Here is Jakob Hellström. The record this song was featured on has been recognized as the most important Swedish poprecord ever made. "Vara Vänner- Just be friends" (Swedish lyrics).

Here is another great song by Perssons pack- featuring Jakob Hellman "Tusen Dagar härifrån- A thousand days away from here". (Also Swedish lyrics)

Do not the Swedish frighten you away! Just listen to the harmonies and enjoy...


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