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'Neither sharia, nor coup d'etat,' Turks want to preserve lifestyle

I´m not shure that this is a life-sign of the secular and democratic forces in an (allmost) wholly muslim country, but I know what the leftists here in the west will say; that it´s just Kemalist nationalists that are in motion.

Maby it´s the Turk´s that will be the frontrunners of a new and democratic islamic society. Then again, 34 % of them voted for the islamistic party APK in the latest government elections. That means that there is atleast 14500000 turks in the country alone, that want´s sharia law to be the uppermost legasizlation governmenting theirs (and ours) lifes.

There has to be some reason that Mein Kampf is on the top-ten bestseller lists in virtually every muslim country- including Turkey. What could that be? OH! I just got it . Mein Kampf translated to arabic would litterally be----Jihad!

Read it all.


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