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Swedish black market bigger than ever

Sweden's black and grey markets almost doubled in size between the years 1990 and 2004. A new report from two central bank economists has shown that the black and grey sectors increased their share of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) from 3.8 to 6.5 percent, Dagens Industri reports.The two economists measured the amount of cash in circulation in Sweden and found that 67 percent of all cash transactions were unexplained for the period in question.
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The total value of coins and notes in circulation in Sweden amounts to 100 billion kronor ($14.3), almost half of which is made up off 1,000 kronor notes."We have assumed that the majority of economic activity that is not registered is carried out by people who don't want it registered," economist Gabriela Guibourg told Dagens Industri.The Swedish National Economic Crimes Bureau and the tax authorities both share the Riksbank's conclusion that the black market sector has grown in recent year. Thetrend is more or less the same in other Nordic countries.

Well- what is really to be expected in a country where the total tax- pressaure is 54%. Yes thats right, for every 100$ you earn, 54 goes back to the nanny- state. For many people it is actually more profitable to lift social security or unemployment grants than to actually work! But here is the kicker. You have to be an immigrant or a substance abuser to get these wellfare checks. If not- tough luck!

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