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This is the type of thing...

... that makes me ashamed of my own country. Is it plain ignorance? is it stupidity? Is it time for a real spanking?

Swedish tax money finances books and leaflets critical of USA in north korea.

Ok- If I didn´t have a cronically low blood presaure; my head would explode at this moment. Ay, right. I´m still not an islamist. I think I´ll go to bed instead.

Here ist the link

Sleep well you all and or good morning dependent of where you are at! Do not let the bed bugs bite you! And have a very, very nice day.


Blogger Yankee Doodle said...

Some of the posts at my blog deal with offsets.

Basically, Turkey, Pakistan and places like that buy American weapons. They can't afford them, though. So, the cost gets offset by deals for us to buy products of theirs. The cost also gets offset by allowing them to build the weapons in a factory in their country, so it spurs their economy (and not so much ours).

A $10 billion deal for jet fighters might only cost them $2-3 billion after the offsets.

Then, they get $3-4 billion of military aid from us to buy the aircraft, and it winds up costing us money, while building up their defense industry, and while building up their industry of whatever they are exporting to us (furniture, shoes, heroin -- really, heroin, though that's not legal).

These politicians use our money to make friends with and help people who are trying to kill us, and who are running drugs to us in the meantime.

Go to my blog and read all about it.

Monday, 28 May 2007 at 04:48:00 CEST


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