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The last of the Vikings

Södertälje: Swedish initifadaBuses and police cars attacked, police going in after stone throwing youth - according to this article this is the latest in flare-ups in what is a continuous situation.
A large police presence presence was called to the Hovsjö estate in Södertälje on Thursday evening as a period marked by fighting and stone-throwing reached its peak.One bus had a window smashed by a stone while an unidentified object was thrown at a passing police car.
Shortly before 11pm police received reports that youths were tipping over cars in the area.When they arrived in the area police did not find the youths in question. Instead elected to wait for reinforcements when their car was attacked.
Soon eighteen police cars from around the county arrived at the estate in the eastern town. Police sealed off the area in the hunt for stone throwers. By the time the search came to an end just before 1am there had been no arrests."We blocked of the whole area and checked everybody, both motorists and pedestrians, but we didn't find anything."There has been trouble there for quite some time. Buses have been attacked on a number of occasions and drivers don't want to go in there any more .
Also, on Wednesday another police car was attacked," said police spokeswoman Ritha Johanson.The Hovsjö estate was built in the seventies as part of the Million Homes Programme. Around 80 percent of its inhabitants come from an immigrant background.
Source: The Local (English)
"Youths," huh?These days, "youths" and "Muslim men" seem to have become synomymous in the European press...What's next?
Sorry, but if someone has to go down to save the world it might as well be a foolish nation that has consitently hastened its own downfall.
The Swedes need to continue their appeasement strategy so their eventual destruction can serve as a much needed wake up call for the rest of the world.
/../ Text and picture nicked from Illustrated P.I.G to islam
Now! Södertälje is one of those suburbs that consists of 80-90 % muslims. That in it self is not something I think is something to be concerned about.
Many (maby the greater part) of the muslim community are law abiding and perfectly stand-up citicenz. But! How come that when there are unrest in western Europe areas; muslims are always mixed in somehow? And why are they always described as "youths"?
Is it their fault, or is it a sign of a ever more detoriating community, all in the name of socialistic multiculture political agenda? The socialists really, really want more immigrants- especially of muslim heritage- to come in to the country; well knowing that almost all of them will wote at a socilalistic government. At the same time, this people does not give something back to the society, mainly because that the same socialistic agenda does not let them to do it!
Multiculturalism as an ideology has to be one of the most racistic agendas ever!


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