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How low can they go?

Criminals in Baghdad are stealing corpses from the scenes of car bombings and murders in order to extract "ransoms" from grieving relatives.

In a macabre off-shoot of the capital's kidnapping epidemic, the gangs pose as medics collecting bodies to be taken back to the city's overflowing morgues.

Instead, though, they take the corpses to secret hiding places and then demand payments of up to £2,500 a time to release them to relatives for burial. Because Muslim custom dictates that a body must be buried as soon as possible after death, many families simply pay up, rather than involve the police.

This is so vile... so inhumane... so freaking discusting I´m just in lost of words!
Read all of it here. Now I think I´m going to explode (Oh, just called a friend. And he assured me that I´m still not an islamist, so I will try not to- for the moment).


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