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Refugees refuse to leave Sweden

An increasing number of refugees are refusing to leave Sweden voluntarily. The police were informed of deportation orders for 1,500 Iraqis in 2007. This represents a seven-fold increase on 2006.

Despite being notified of deportation orders, the police carry out only a handful of actual deportations.

"If a person does not wish to leave then there is a good chance of rendering the deportation decision impossible to carry out," said Per Löwenberg at the National Police Board to Dagens Nyheter.

Neither Iraq nor Iran allow deported citizens to return home. Only those that return of their own free will are welcome.

TT/The Local ( 656 6518)

Well, who can blame them really? I wouln't want to go back to Iran or Iraq. Hey you refugees! You are very much welcome to Sweden- as long as you can provide for your self after you have setteled in. Exactly as I would have to do if I tried to move to just about any country in the ME (or for that matter, a whole lot of western countrys). The key note here is that there are really no incitament for these people to come here at first place. And then that when they are here, it is almost impossible to repatriate them against their will (which of course are the whole point of granting anyone refugee status from the beginning!). Listen up! It is you that has dug up those terrible cesspooles of excuses for a country. You might not have done it activelly or even willingly on a personal base. But still it IS you!


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