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Tito Beltran

Ernesto Beltrán (born July 1, 1965), better known as Tito Beltrán, is a Chilean-Swedish tenor.

In February 2008, Beltrán was sentenced to two years imprisonment for the rape of an 18-year-old nanny while he was on tour in Sweden in 1999.[2][3] During the trial, as Beltrán's former friend Robert Wells made his witness statement, Beltrán collapsed and had to be taken to hospital by ambulance.[4][1] Beltrán has harshly criticized the trial. He is also disappointed with the level of support he has received from Chilean authorities, particularly from the Chilean ambassador to Sweden, Ovid Harasich. Beltrán accused Harasich of "lying to him" after having guaranteed "political action" to aid Beltrán in his case.

Well Beltrán might very well be guilty of the accused crime. Who knows? Nobody knows! ceartinly not the judges who sent him to two years in prison!

The story goes as follows:

After a consert Beltrán invites the nanny to his hotel room for some massage! When there, she willingly dresses off completely naked for the intended massage! From here on the verisions are different.

The nanny seven years! later accuses Beltrán of rape. She says that she "felt something between her legs"! Another witness in the trial stated that "she could smell seamon on the girls panties"!!! (Doodidoododoodidoodo- welcome to bizarro world). The girl next flushed down the panties down the toilet drain!

So nine years later Beltrán (who could be guilty as sin for all I know) is centenced without any technical evidence only on the storys of the nanny and the other witness.

Even if the nannys story sounds credible. Even if the winessess testimonys sounds credible and even if Beltrán is guilty in reality.- He should never have been sentenced for a crime only on circumstancial evidence! He has not been proven guilty beyond reason in any way. On the contrary, the facts in the case (the time factor, the only technical evidence being flushed down the toilet etc.) should have dismissed his case emideatly. He will probably win the appeal in higher courts, but by then sveral million of SEK- of the taxpayers money- will have been spent.

And we call this a rights-state...


Anonymous Edna Sweetlove said...

Poor old Tito! Time to say goodbye?

Wednesday, 27 February 2008 at 20:37:00 CET


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