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Common Agricultural Policy

CAP is a system of European Union agricultural subsidies and programmes. It represents about 44% of the EU's budget 54.985.000.000 €uros are spent on farmers in the EU.

The Swedish PM Reinfeldt a couple of days ago said in the Europeian Parliment that it is unreasonable that 2% of EU:s workforce gets 44% of the money (in subsides).

Naturally he got his head bitten off by the greens.

The reason with CAP is said to be:

Giving the farmers a reasonable standard of living.
Secure food production.
Give the consumers food to reasonable prices.
Stimulate to a more environmental- friendly production.


Why should farmers be the especially protect worthy group of workers? If you can't provide for your self then change profession! And because the farmers with my money are producing food that we don't need you have to ask the question- WHY?

What's never being said is that there are to many farmers!

That also means that "Securing food production" is an invalid reason for the subsides...

And what's the point of "Giving the consuments lower prices" when they allready have paid for it via taxes?

It's like- yeah, sure we got free health care here in Sweden. Some one in the government must be laying golden eggs 24/7... People just don't understand that there are no free lunches!

"Stimulating a more environmental production"- Right! The most resonable thing to do would be to stop giving out money (which of course equals energy spent which in turn means more CO2) so that the farmers stop producing the food that we do not want or need anyway!

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Blogger WomanHonorThyself said...

dont expect them to do the reasonable thing my friend!..Rest yer weary bones hun u had a hard week!

Friday, 22 February 2008 at 22:47:00 CET


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