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Ren - Rengifer tarandus

Maud Olofsson's (Deputy Prime Minister of Sweden) bodyguards tried to shoot a couple of reindeers that had been struck by a car just outside of UmeƄ in northern Sweden. Five reindeers was struck and three was instantly killed, two was badly hurt and was laying down on the tarmac. Out of mercy the bodyguards tried to put the poor things out of misery.

The first shot missed all together and the other one just hit the nose of the reindeer (there goes Rudolph). A private motorist had to stop and kill the reindeers with an axe (up in the north you always have an axe in your car for theese kind of incidents).

The question is- Should these bodyguards be permitted to carry weapons at all, and should they not be thinking over their career choises?

Talk about shooting fish in a barrel!


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