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A&E patients left in ambulances for up to FIVE hours 'so trusts can meet government targets'

Seriously ill patients are being kept in ambulances outside hospitals for hours so NHS trusts do not miss Government targets.

Thousands of people a year are having to wait outside accident and emergency departments because trusts will not let them in until they can treat them within four hours, in line with a Labour pledge.

The hold-ups mean ambulances are not available to answer fresh 999 calls.

So seriously ill persons are being held in ambulances outside of the hospitals so that they can meet a labour pledge of no patient having to be held up in the actual hospital!

Tock is the sound my hand makes when I slap it in to my forehead!

This is the result of planned echonomics and planned politics! When will the politicians learn that the less they interfere, the more effective everything gets?



Anonymous delftsman3 said...

Everything I have read of or experiencied with ANY universal health care scheme leads to idiocies such as this....or cancer patients told to wait six months to be be diognosed,much less treated. I'm glad that we don't have such a system here in the U.S., at least YET...

Monday, 25 February 2008 at 17:04:00 CET


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