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Here we go again

This is a translation of a blogpost at Jihad i Malmö (Swedish only).

Dannebrogen (the Danish flag) is burning again in Jordan, Indonesia, Gaza (Hamastan), Pakistan and more places every day.

Islamistic elements in Denmark has started SMS- chains urging people to boycott Danish products in the whole arab world, including Nörrebro [Denmark].
Sudans islamistic president has descided to forbid against importing Danish products.

What can a Denmark friendly do? To start a boycott at products from for example Sudan is meaningless. Our import of dates and slaves are minimal...

But there is a couple of things we here in the nordic countrys can do (and for that matter in the whole west).

1. Turn off the aid

What all flag burning and boycott states have in common is that they are living on our tax money. Hit them were it hurts most. In their wallets (or in the camel sack- or what ever they use)!

2. Buy Danish

Buy anything were the EAN code begins with 57.
Make a nice smörrebröd to night with paté and bacon. To this you obviously take a Carlsberg and a [Danish] snaps. Skål!


Blogger WomanHonorThyself said...

hey u!..yup here we go again..another round from the ROP!

Friday, 29 February 2008 at 00:27:00 CET


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