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Hat Tip and inspiration- HAX

Susanne Erikssson is a woman badly affected by MS. A while back she heard of that Cannabis could be helping her condition and after testing it she discovered that it indeed did so. She did not want to go out in the streets to make her buys, so she started a small scale culturation of hemp herself.

Somehow the police finds out about this and makes an razzia.

She is held in custody for 37 days without access to her prescribed narcotic- classed painkillers and then sentenced to a year in jail. There she also has not got access to her medicines and ceartainly not to her personal assistant.

She writes:

"Asked to talk to the Doctor today, having so sevire pains that I cry. I know that I will not get any "good" painkillers but I have to get something else besides Panodile which does not help me at all. Trying to do my best and get dressed my self as I do not want the prison personal to touch me. (...) Another inmate [NN] helps me to do my dishes and sees to it that I get some food before lock down."

The one who has retold this (obviously Susanne cant hold a pen herself) furthers.
"Susanne has been revoked of the right to talk to or in any way contact her family or friends. She has not got any of her prescribed medicines which now have resulted in her ended up in a wheelchair".

Now, this is the kind of things that make my blood boil! Here we have a woman, cultivating a bit of Marihuana for self medication with no intention to sell (which the attourny admitted). Cannabis is probably the least toxic recreational/medicational drug known to man (which anybody having read a pharmacephtical book- as I have done many times- knows for a fact!). We have a woman with a serious condition that gets thrown in jail without access to the medications she needs to live a somewhat normal life for a crime which has no proportions what so ever to the sentence she got.

All this in what is called a "R├Ąttsstat" (juridistical/rights state).


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