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Environmental activists block E4 in Umeå

Environmental activists blocked the E4 main road in central Umeå on Saturday. Car traffic was held up for half an hour.

About 30 people from the Klimax climate action group formed a line across the road at 12.30pm on Saturday. The activists were reportedly keen not to break any laws and waited for the green light on the pedestrian crossing before shuffling over the road near Tegsbron bridge in the centre of the northern Swedish city.

The activists carried their message on banners and signs which argued for a reduction in car use, investment in public transport and to act now to save the environment.

Cars began to back up on the E4 bridge as the activists held up traffic. When the queues were at their longest the police diverted traffic over the alternative bridge, Kyrkbron. Police considered acting to remove the activists as car-drivers began to show their irritation but they dispersed by themselves with the minimum of fuss.

Err- and you know that all those motorists cut their engines when being held up (Umeå is in the northern part of Sweden where they actually has winter)- NOT! These "activists" might very well have done more damage to the environment than the lot of motorists held up would do normally in a year!

Oh!- But it's the thought that counts, innit?



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