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Candles highlight EU trade rift

EU have or are about to legislate protective tolls on low- energylight bulbs aswell as ordinary lightbulbs and now they are planning to put on protection tolls on candles!


(CLAP is the sound of my palm hitting my forehead)!

When will they get through their thick skulls that protective tolls has never EVER in history done anything else than make consumer products more expensive?

But of course, if you make 4000 Euros a month in the parliment as a DRIVER I suppose you just do not care.

As I have written before. Not only has the parliment made low-energy lightbulbs that much expensiver by having massive protective tolls on them; now they are planning to legislate against the use of the ordinary ones.


Update: I just learned that a similar legislation with protective tolls against "unfare competition" was driven through in the USA by a politician by the name of... Hillary Clinton! (There seems to be some idiots in the land of the free too!).


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