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Today is the first official day of spring. Yeay!
The sun is shining, I have got my first dose of sun induced vitamine D and the birds are singing. The trees and bushes are all sprouting and the willows are puffing. Clovers are streching up towards the sun and I actually got up out of the bed at 6.30 am for once. Even my uniform looks nice in the sun- too bad I have to put it on soon and go for a shift... But I'll do it with a smile!


Blogger Infidel K9 said...


I just read your comment, It is heart breaking to see how Sweden is going.

As far as Indonesia is concerned,it has a lot of plus,s. I fact I do not think I will ever return to Eurorpe to live.

Take it easy


Monday, 25 February 2008 at 10:39:00 CET


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