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Taking care of disabled people in Upper Eufrat Valley

(What follows is a translation of a blogpost made by Torbjörn Karfunkel at Rogntudjuu!).

SVD, DN and Sydsvenskan (Swedish newspapers) has run an article from TT about residents in Baghdad that are raging against the authorities after yesterdays human bombings that took the lifes of atleast 99 people (February 1). This time the terrorists had strapped bomb- wests on two women with Downs syndrome and remotely blowed them up.

Within islam it is concidered that people with Downs syndrom are without sin and therefor automatically will go to paradise when they die.

This was not of course the first time that muslimterrorists have used intellectual handicapped people as suicide bombers. At the picture above you see 15- year old Hussam Abdo that the Al-Aqsa Martyres brigade equipped with a bomb west with 8 kilos of explosives and then was sent off to an Israelian checkpoint at Mars 24 2004 to blow himself up with as many Jews as possible. The promised reward was 100 NIS ca $25 and sex with virgins in paradise (or is it raisins? I really want to be sure!).

But Hussam did not get far. The soldiers thought he looked suspicious and when the Israelian soldiers pointed their weapons at him he raised his hands. A (bomb disposal) robot was sent out to him, and he cut the wires himself all the while again and again telling the soldiers that he did not want to die.


This next picture is of 19- year old Amar Ahmed Mohammed, that at January 30, 2005 blowed himself up. Nobody else were harmed. The same day that the parlimental elections were being made in Iraq, Amar was kidnapped (Amar also had Downs syndrome), by terrorists, was strapped with explosives and was forcefully convinced to blow himself up.


Well, what can you say? Other than I'm very surprised that the ghouls in Swedish MSM and especially TT (Tidningarnas Telegrambyrå- The Newspapers Telegram Bureau [a very left leaning news agengy]- would ever run this story at all. The American supreme comander in Iraq said that al-quaida "Used their twisted ideology to put fear in peoples hearts" (quote from SVD).- But how can he be so sure that it is AQ?

The situation in ME is getting so screwed upthat I sometimes- but only in my darkest moments- think that it would be better to take all the troops home and just let the people there rot away in their cesspooles of excuse for countrys. Without western military precense and with a total cut off from western aid, the whole of ME would crash down like a paper box wall in a hurricane in just a few short months. Then it maybe could be rebuilt. It's not the people there- well atleast not most of them. But it is the western governments that are fueling the terrorism. Not by how the leftists think however, but by doing exactly what the leftists want!


Blogger Flanders Fields said...

Pela, Animals who treat other humans as animals are certainly not doing so for God. This allah coot that those in that cult adore
is something which cannot be considered human and that is the closest which he or they will get to God.

Politicians who support this evil filth are treacherous swine who will sell out their own people, just as the terrorists do. People had better come to realize this before they are given similar treatment. The politicians make clear that they would not stop it.

Monday, 4 February 2008 at 11:30:00 CET


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