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An example of why planned echonomy does not work

Allmost all of the hospitals in Sweden are state controlled and tax financed. The social "democrates" actually want to forbid any private initiatives out of ideological reasons. And has so far (almost) succeded!

But there are of course budget restrictions on the "sicko" care. Every clinic has it's own budget!

This means in effect that every department are doing as much as they can to delegate work to others...

Surgeon cases can be placed at the ofthamology clinic and vice versa!

Another thing about this system is that every department is trying to make others to pay out of their noses for work.

A fax with bloodworks costs 100 kr (Around $20).
Asking for a telephone number at the reception costs 25 kr!!!
An old university buddy of mine that is now working at the university hospital has some morals and actually walks down a couple of stairs to pick the labresults manually! Kudos to him!

This takes some time after all. And during that time the patients are without a doctor!
Actually- a doctor here in Sweden nearly never spends more than 40 minuts per 8 hours with patients. The rest of the time they are doing administrative work. Many times because of the social democrates descision to get rid of the doctors secretarys- because they said it was "degratory work"!

NNnnngrraaah! Now I got a head ache too (besides the flu and the lumbago)...


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