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This is a translation by me of a blogpost made by HAX.
(Every thing possibly wrong is my fault!)

Those who has been following my blog, have read [posts] about EU and light bulbs. EU is working on a legislation forbidding ordinary light bulbs, because they belive they uses up to much energy. Instead they want consumers to use low- energy lamps.

At the same time EU has a protection toll, of 66%, on low- energy lamps from China, making them that much more expensive for the consumer, which means that people does not buy them. The protection toll is said to be there to protect Europeian manufacturers like Osram.

But this of course is not good news for the Europeian "manufaturers"- as much [all] of their manufaction is done in- Yes thats right- China!

Another problem is that the low- energy lamps in many [allmost all] cases contains Mercury. Something that of course is not good for the invironment. Mercury is by the way something that EU wants to "forbid" (how is it possible to forbid a chemical element?).

The EU comisson really should not be aloud running around without care takers to watch over them!


Blogger Yankee Doodle said...

The EU Commission sounds like a bunch of leftards.

The question here is about freedom. They want to take away your freedom in the name of protecting you, but you only wind up in a hell about which you can't even complain.

Wednesday, 5 September 2007 at 12:52:00 CEST


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